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Umpire Information


Having qualified umpires is an integral part of our baseball league. Umpires are generally made up of players and parents from within our league but we welcome outside people who are interested in joining our program.

Bow Ridge provides a two day umpire certification program Date TBA.  Please see News for links to register for the program.  The program is completely funded by the league.


Bow Ridge pays certified umpires a fee as follows:

Juniors: Base Umpire $45 / Plate Umpire $50

Majors: Base Umpire $35 / Plate Umpire $40

Nationals: $35 for both plate and base umpire

Minors: $25 for both plate and base umpire

Umpires must be a minimum of 11 years old, have a good knowledge of the game and be committed to fair play. Umpires will be assigned to umpire either bases or the plate for the Minor, Major or Junior Division games, depending on their age and experience.

If you are interested in joining the umpiring program, please fill out the Registration Form located below and either email or mail the completed form to Bow Ridge at:

Bow Ridge Little League
P.O. Box 71021, SSPO
Calgary, Alberta T3B 5K2

Remember, we cannot play ball without umpires. Please give serious consideration to joining this important program.

For the Umpire Registration Form please click HERE


Umpire Resources

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LL bulletin - 2013 rule changes

2012 Umpire index booklet

2012 Umpire school rules instruction manual

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Incident report

Zero tolerance abuse policy

Supervision log (excel file)

Umpire evaluation

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